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Damian James continues to and has excelled at providing construction and engineering focused consultancy services since 1997.

Our Expert Witnesses support lawyers and attorneys in disputes on major projects across the world providing the essential link between the construction, legal and financial sectors. Our support can take the form of a single expert or many experts supported by a multi-disciplinary team.

Our experts, work across the construction, process and infrastructure industries and are the leading experts in their field of expertise. Our approach identifies and manages dispute strategies ensuring that their budget is managed and that the deliverables are achieved.

Supported by in house skills and expertise and coordinated through our management structure, lawyers and attorneys are fully supported in their dispute by a clear project strategy which is actively managed and consistently delivered.

Damian James has clients that are engaged by Project Owners, EPC Contractors, Main Contractors, Subcontractors, Vendors and Construction Manufacturers on worldwide projects and has represented major industry leaders in the construction and engineering industry for many years.

Damian James works extensively throughout the world but with a significant focus in Africa and South Africa.

Our Services

The quality and experience of our people is the fundamental core of our success.

It is their skills and experience that allow us to support our clients with the highest level of expertise in the following area:

  • Expert Witness in Delay and Quantum

Capability Statement

Our Experts draw on the capability of our support team which consists of Forensic Delay Analysis, Conventional Project and Programme Planners, Quantity Surveyors and Contract Administrators who contribute in the effective management of our commissions.

Planning and Forensic Delay Analysis

Within our support staff we offer several types and levels of services in the planning field, at the various levels of expertise required for the form of dispute:


Planners are computer literate professionsls with skills in MS-Excel, MS-Word and planning software namely, MPP,Primavera and Astra.

Their role is to update Programmes of works and prepare Weekly/Monthly analysis.

Their task is to revise the Programme of Works in accordance with issued variations orders and to recover delay entitlement.

Our planners work under the direction and supervision of our Experts.

Senior Planner

Assist our Experts in managing the analysis within theclaims environment.

Drawing on computer and planning skills.

They possess the essential knowledge of project planning tools and techniques and an ability to resolve technical issues.

They can develop the Contract Programme of Works recognising Critical Path and Delay Analysis Techniques.

Their role is to provide the planning conduit in the preparation of claims for extension of time as well as delay analysis.

Forensic Delay Analyst

Will manage and instruct our team of planners working within a live claims environment.

They will manage complex and difficult delay analysis and will perform the most appropriate type of delay analysis forming an integral part of a senior claims team.

Our Foresnic Delay Analysts are able to present strategies and update deliverables with our clients on any level.

Quantity Serevyors and Claims Consultants

Damian James provides Quantum Consultants to undertake extensive and detailed reconciliations of cost entitlements in its support of our Quantum ExpertsOur Consultants have a strong commercial focus, allowing interpretation of construction claims.

Our Quantum Consultants possess a detailed knowledge of contract documents, contract legal context and factual matrix.

It is our experience that only with an experience of complex claims can a consultant demonstrate a thorough understanding of effective claims submission.

As part of Damian James’ core skill set, the application of experience and knowledge ensure the preparation of a claim for our Quantum Experts to manage and interpret.

Our Delay and Quantum Experts understood that significant issues in disputes arise from delay culpability and loss of productivity and this allows our Delay and Quantum Experts to combine their knowledge of Quantum with delay analysis.

Expert Witness

Delay analysis is among the most essential disciplines provided by our expert witnesses.

With a wide range of protocols, analysis and software our experts draw on their years of industry expertise to provide their opinion.

Our delay experts are experienced professionals who have managed projects in a live contracting background.

Our Quantum Experts are professionally trained Quantity Surveyors who have developed a detailed understanding of cost entitlement

Our Delay and Quantum Experts can readily combine aspect of both forms of expertise and provide expert opinion based on both forms of analysis.

All our experts have practical knowledge ensuring that when the basis is tested during cross-examination it is found to be not only professionally presented and concluded but founded on practical knowledge.

Our Experts have all been cross-examined by an advocate (senior counsel / barrister).

Our Experts are appointed on high profile international disputes on projects and encourage early strategizing with lawyers and attorneys to ensure the use of the appropriate method of analysis to suit your needs.

Damian James has been successfully involved in multiple dispute resolution procedures including litigation, arbitration, adjudication, expert determination, mediation and DAB’s.

We are a progressive company working in a task orientated manner with the sole aim of delivering results to our clients on time and to budget


Damian James can offer consulting services as well as project services (secondments) in order for our clients to decide what and who would be most suitable when.

We are happy to provide any further information that may be required and further details by contacting us here.

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