DAMIAN JAMES provides construction and engineering focused services. The Group has extensive and global experience in the field of commercial and contractual consultancy, bridging the gap between technical, legal and financial sectors.

DAMIAN JAMES operates from Johannesburg, Durban, London and Manchester and is set to become a global leader in the commercial and contractual consultancy field.

Our highly professional team is qualified to work across several sectors as leading industry experts in the fields of planning, claims, disputes, commercial, contract and project management.

DAMIAN JAMES delivers dispute solutions whether under formal legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This includes analysis of commercial, planning and scheduling, project management, and technical issues.

Our highly experienced team have experience in using all forms of contract including: NEC3, FIDIC, IChemE, JCT, JBCC, ICES, FCEC, and GC/Works and can undertake the preparation, defence, or negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss and/or expense, or general damages.

We can also provide highly experienced expert witness and support, by supplying quantum, delay, and technical experts for litigation in the form of experienced adjudicators, arbitrators, and mediators.

Our experts provide specialist support to the legal profession in arbitration, litigation and ADR and have proven track records in delivering concise, detailed reports, on time.

DAMIAN JAMES has access to highly skilled support teams to ensure rapid evidence processing, regardless of volume.

Damian James


Damian James is widely experienced in engineering and construction claims and dispute resolution. He is a leading expert in arbitrations and adjudications giving expert opinion in the area of of quantum, delay, disruption and cost evaluation. He has been appointed as advocate in arbitrations and as advocate in adjudications.

He has particular expertise in the preparation of detailed claims to recover clients entitlement. Damian has particular experience in delay analysis and complex disruption valuation, disentangling global claims to establish the relationship of particular cause and effect, particularly in matters of dominancy and concurrency

Christiaan Bredenkamp


Christiaan is a professionally qualified and experienced Contract, Claims & Commercial Consultant with extensive knowledge and skills in quantum, contacts, commercial and claims management, specialising in FIDIC, NEC, GCC, JCT & JBCC forms of contracts, obtained through working on an extensive range of multi-disciplined international construction and engineering projects and sectors.

He is widely experienced in engineering and construction claims and dispute resolution. His main area of occupation is the preparation of detailed claims to recover clients or contractor entitlement. He has prepared and presented claims under numerous forms of contract and has drafted narratives examining causative potency, dynamic and static situations, condition precedent, foreseeability, purposive approach, penalties and damages.

Damian James, Claims Consultant, great guy, expensive, but will do the work in half the time